Killian Walpole Photography

The idea of suburbia has been fundamentally ingrained into society due to its idealistic nature and the power of the media. I am surrounded by Utopian depictions of a false rhetoric that suburbia provides instant happiness, friends and warmth.

The suburbia that I know and love is green and grey. They are dirty and wet. They feel somewhat isolated but yet are filled with people locked in their houses neat in rows like a perfectly stacked shelf in a supermarket.

I find they are usually ignored by most people as they are perceived to be a practical space to move from point A to point B. French anthropologist Marc Augé used the term "Non Place" which I feel encapsulates exactly what they are.

The anonymous and non descriptiveness of the sprawling lands are calming where one can truly be on their own undisturbed to the chaotic world which surrounds us.

Geri Dempsey