Threaded began its journey last April as the passion project of Mark Hughes and Hugh Allen. The two met while working on the TES committee - the Trinity Entrepreneurial Society. Hugh had been the graphic designer for the past two years and Mark the Public Relations Officer, both in their final year of college. Both have a keen interest in fashion, in fact Mark brought out his own clothing line while in second year. Jaded by the homogeneity of high street fashion, and the lack of Irish clothing shops selling online, Mark and Hugh set out to create a product that would bring local fashion online and offer unique purchases to Irish customers.

Just under half a year later was launched. Threaded is an online platform that seeks to emulate the unique in-store experience found in small to medium-sized clothing shops, such as boutiques and menswear stores. Not only are users able to browse the Threaded store using all the normal categories of an online shop, but their location-based shopping allows the user to visit a virtual storefront for each of the shops featured on their website. This allows for a richer experience of the shop owners' collection of pieces, and offers an alternative to shopping simply by colour, brand, or the classic - sort by price: low to high. This, however, is only one half of Threaded’s efforts to stir up Ireland’s online fashion, the rest is behind the scenes. Threaded is a comprehensive solution that enables small to medium-sized fashion retailers to sell online. It is primarily the online platform as described, but also provides all the auxiliary services associated with running an online shop - photography services, stock management, and social media marketing management. Threaded takes a hands-on approach to selling online, and will take you through all the steps necessary to get you selling on the platform. Threaded is here to help customers looking for an escape from high street fashion, where options are limited and turning up in the same outfit as two of your friends is an unfortunate inevitability. It is here to help boutiques and up-and-coming clothing brands get a foot in the door online, widening their reach and introducing their unique pieces into the sea of sameness. Threaded is here to help Irish fashion along into the 21st Century, offering customers a new way to shop, and shops a straightforward way to compete. is now live, and you can browse the collection from their first cohort of shops in Malahide. If you have a shop or a brand and want to get involved, or simply have any questions, get on to Threaded at You can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with the Threaded team. Threaded - Shop Local, Online.