Issue 2 Submissions

If you are a creative who would like to showcase your work we would love to hear from you. Whether your medium is art and design, fashion or the written word, we would love to help you get some visibility.


For our second issue of Cove we have decided to explore the theme of failure.

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With Issue 1 covering the theme of “Growth”, contributors were encouraged to interpret and represent the theme and how it applied to them individually, which resulted in some extremely rich visual and written work.

Keeping in line with Issue 1’s focus on the process behind each piece and not just the finished product, Issue 2 will build on this, by touching on not just the process but the failures that led to the end result. 

Negative connotations cannot be helped when we consider the idea of failure, but it is necessary part of the creative process, and indeed life itself. Before success comes failure, often many failures.

Issue 2 will delve deeper into the idea of how women in Ireland are being failed by the state, through our lack of control over our own bodies, so whether you have failed at an endeavour or you have been failed by someone or something we'd like to hear your story and see how it has shaped you.


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